Friday, September 11, 2009

Target Deals and Shopping Trip

You can go over to MSM to see the Target deals in more detail. And shop through Saturday to take advantage of this deal! Here is what I got a few days ago: Paid $29.28, got $15 Gift Cards for 10 cereal boxes (all FREE!), 8 yogurt packs/tubs, 1 Creamer, 1 lb beef, mushrooms, glade tin.

Remember on Monday, Chick-fil-A gave out FREE sandwiches? My family went to eat there. And I told myself I was not going shopping. But we were right across Target! So I did find enough coupons do one cereal deal but I left most of my coupons at home. Lesson learned: Might as well leave the coupons in the car because you just never know when a good deal will pop up in front of you!

Buy 5 Cereal, Get $5 Gift Card. (5 for $12.50) Use $0.75 off here. Print twice.

Then use $1 off 2 General Mills cereal from the newspaper.
Stack these with 5 Target's store coupon, $1 off General Mills.
That's $7.50 in coupons. FREE after $5 Gift Card!
I found BOGO Fiber One Yogurt coupons in some boxes too!
Also, the Coffee Creamer was only $0.11 after $1 off coupon.
I'm not sure if it is still available.

Here is a great deal on Glade Tin Candle Holder. They are on sale at $1.66. There is a $1.50 off coupon inside (sometimes it's been taken). Plus I just found out that you can still get a FREE Refill candles at or So for $0.16 you get the tin and 4 extra candles! I also bought 1lb ground beef for $1.50. When meat is on clearance at Target, it's much cheaper than Wal-mart's! The mushrooms were also on sale at $1.49 for 8 oz. So don't ignore the produce because they also go on sale.

We love yogurt here, especially for $1 a package. I used coupons from the newspaper two weeks ago to get all these for $8 (plus another Danactive we drank on the way home). And I'm sending my receipt in to get $3 in coupons back. Go here to learn how you can get up to $15 in Dannon coupons.
The Nabisco deal: Buy 5, Get $5 Gift Card. ($2.84 each)
Nabisco crackers were on sale at Publix for $2 each. So I price-matched them for $2 and used two $1 off coupons from a Nabisco calendar. So after the Gift Card, I paid only$3. Which is still a great deal especially since I finally got to send off that Nabisco Rebate. It turns out you need to buy 10 cookies or crackers, not 5.
The nice cashier helping me mentioned she likes Wheat Thins. So I gave her two $1 coupons and told her how to do this same deal I did. I think I made more attempts to share coupons and tips this week. Which is really going out of my comfort zone. all in all, this is a great shopping trip because we eat all this stuff. And after the Gift Cards, it's only $14 for everything!

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