Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walgreens Shopping Sept 30

I hope you were able to take advantage of today's $5 off $25 coupon at Walgreens. If not, the deals are still good through Saturday. But I would suggest calling ahead to see if your store still has the Vaseline lotion and Gillette razors. My store ran out of both. A truck may refresh their stock during the week, so you never know.

My store has labels for items generating Register Reward coupons. That's great since it let me know about the Quaker Oats deal:
Buy $10 select Quaker Oats, Get $5 Register Rewards (RR)

These items are included for sure:
Quaker Chewy Bars, 2/$7
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 2/$5
Life Cereal, 2/$5

I did this deal twice and got two $5 RR coupons.

For the $5 off $25 deal, this is what I bought:
2 Life cereal + 2 Instant Oatmeal, $10
Quaker hi Fiber Oatmeal, $1.19
Emergen C Immune Booster, $3.50
Oral B 123 Advantage, $3 (-$0.75 Q)
Herbal Essence Shamp & Cond, $6 (-$1Q)
Dentek Floss, $2
Metmucil to go, $2.60 (-$1Q)
Venus Spa Breeze, $8 (-$2Q)
-$6 RR
-$5 off $25
Total was $21.54, got $19.50 RRs back!
(I also paid $10 with my EBT, so I only paid $10.54 out-of-pocket.)

For the 2nd transaction:
I heard that if you buy 3 Theraflu, you get $8 RR.
It worked for me!
3 Theraflu, $12
-$6 from Healthy Savings booklet
-$5 RR from Quaker Oats
Total was $1, got $8 RRs back!

For the 3rd Transaction:
2 Life cereal + 2 Instant Oatmeal, $10
Dentek, $2
EmergenC, $3.50
Carmex, BOGO $1.59
Oral B toothbrush $3 (-$0.75Q)
-$16 RR
Total was $1.25, got $13.50 RRs back

I had a lot of RRs left so I headed to Publix and used them up!

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