Friday, May 31, 2013

Company Girls: Pool Time!

Besides finishing off a month-long Clutter-Busting Challenge, this week had a few highs and lows. Like going to friends' block party, staying out way too late (a high) then the car battery dying and not getting home 'til midnight (a definite low). I guess the flashing battery light was a true car trouble warning! My husband also changed the alternator himself (a high!) and the vicious mosquitos have begun attacking the kids and I (a real low).

We had our annual pool party on Sunday (one more high). Even though the water is still freezing, no child could resist a dip in the pool. It was a great time: bbq sandwiches, mac n' cheese, potato salad, apple cobbler, umm-mmm. Nope, it did not matter that the water was only 60 degrees.

We  found inexpensive bathing suits at Sam's Club. I bought them during the Sam's Club Open House (free shopping pass!) We also bought a couple of pool toys at the end of the season last year. So except for getting more sunscreen, we are all set for a great summer of swimming.

Swimming Laps!
The children swam 4 times this week already. Not me! The lifeguard said it was too cold for her so that's enough reason for me to stay poolside. I was very surprised to that my children remembered the back float. Isabella even swam freestyle and backstroke!

Big Pool = Huge Fun!
I taught them how to swim since they were in preschool. We did not have money for swim lessons but had a pool access in the neighborhood. So, I had to toughen up and get over my fear of water. I watched a couple of swimming tapes from the library, got them some goggles, and months and years of lessons later they can float by themselves! Also, one summer, a friend's teenage daughter gave them weekly lessons. It really helped learning from a cool, big kid!

But freestyle and backstroke are all I know. I'm hoping the lifeguard or my husband can teach them (and me) the breaststroke this summer. We shall see!

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