Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Weely Goals: May 27

Last week my 10 weekly goals did not pan out so well because I missed one important step: Print Out and Display Goals! Since our old printer only works with our old computer, I kept off printing it and forgot about the goals I listed. Not going to happen this time! How do you stay on top of your 10 Weekly Goals?

I did have a great birthday. We finally had a date; we went to see Iron Man 3. We went to the strawberry patch for at least one nature walk. And I did get a lot of de-cluttering and reading done.

For this week, I am continuing much of last week's goals and doing some of what did not get done. Plus the pool is open so swimming is a big priority this week!

Ten things I plan to do this week:
1. Continue taking weekly pictures of the children.
2. Take tea and reading time outside.
3. Continue reading Platform and So Long Insecurity.
4. Grandma's Attic as lunch read-aloud.
5. Continue with violin lessons. Start art and swimming lessons.
6. Enjoy following Monday Menu Plan.
7. Go for at least 2 nature walks with the children.
8. Write at least one blogpost a day.
9. Work on Clutter-Busting Challenge, finish strong for last week!
10. Create Summer Bucket List.

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