Saturday, December 8, 2012

Apple Picking and Homemade Apple Pie

This October we went to Charlottesville to pick apples. A couple days before he was born, we went apple picking in the Blue Ridge near Middleburg. When we brought him home from the hospital, a few of those apples were waiting for us to enjoy. So it was a nice treat for him to pick apples on his birthday.

Even though there were lots of varieties ready for picking, we only picked Fuji apples. It's easy to get carried away picking that before long, the bags are filled and too heavy to carry. It's a different experience from blueberry picking that way!

Carter Mountain Orchard is such a lovely place. We will come back in the summer to pick their peaches for sure. Everywhere you turn is a breathtaking view of the mountains. The drive is gravely and a little steep but nothing to worry about. They also make the most awesome apple cider donuts served hot. Krispy Kreme better watch out!

As for prices, only $1.20 a pound for U-pick and $1.50 a pound for already picked. Plus we ate as much as we could while we picked. Those apples were free.

It was shamefully to see the base of the trees littered with apples that were picked but not bought.When possible, if we picked bruised apples, we just kept them to use for apple pie or fruit compote to serve on pancakes and French toast. Fuji apples stay a little firm even baked in pies. They don't get mushy like in store bought versions.

Picking apples our first fall back in Virginia was a memorable experience.

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