Monday, June 7, 2010

Beulah Berries

What a fabulous time we had last week picking blueberries. North of Pensacola, Beulah Berries has deliciously large berries. With a simple and inviting atmosphere, it's the best U-Pick I've ever been. It's not far from the Publix at Pine Forest. Instead of heading into Publix, make a right on Nine Mile and before long, you're there. Directions are posted on their website as well.

After five minutes of picking, it started raining heavily, so we sat in the picnic shelter and shot a video explaining more of what you can expect to see there. After that, the rain eased-up a bit and my husband and I picked berries under our huge umbrella. Our kids stayed in the shelter, playing on the porch swing and giggling a lot. Picking in the rain was the best because it wasn't humid or hot anymore!

I've also learned since then that it's okay to pick some of the flowers (they're FREE!) plus you can nibble on a few berries while you're picking free of charge. After about 30 minutes, we filled up the bucket and headed back to the shelter. We even stayed for a picnic lunch. What a lovely and memorable family outing!

Visit YouTube if you cannot see this video.

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