Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Shopping Recap for Feb 28

I've been shopping as little as possible over these past couple of weeks. This week, I couldn't remember when I went shopping. It was last Sunday! My total for the week was only $28. I'll shop again by Tuesday to ake advantage of grocery deals before they end. I'll get the 2 FREE things at CVS on Sunday too.
Price-matching at Wal-Mart saved 55% and I spent $20 not $45!

I uused $2.50 & BOGO Covergirl Qs to get overage for the milk. The milk cost $1.20 instead of $3.29 from the overage. 92% Savings!

I spent $7 at Target instead of $21 for 67% savings!

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Seeing how other mamas out there are saving on their groceries is motivating and inspiring. Plus that's how I figure what deals I missed!


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