Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Shopping 2.7.10

Since I couldn’t get on the internet all week, I only shopped at Wal-Mart on Tuesday to get items for freezer cooking day (last week). I spent $80, including all the storage and freezer bags I’d use. It didn’t seem right to attempt the other stores not knowing what the best deals are. So we enjoyed another break. Ok, I tried to enjoy it: I mostly suppressed my irritation with the internet!

Then on Sunday night, I stopped by a few stores after Super Bowl. Good thing it was over earlier than I expected! Unfortunately, I had a few mishaps along the way. It was my fault, really, because I broke my #1 rule at the store: ALWAYS check your receipt before leaving. It only takes a second. I’ve been so slack about that and it’s costing me time to get the mistakes fixed!

I would be depressed about this shopping trip if it weren’t for the fact we saved lots of money. And that the Saints WON the Super Bowl. Who dat! BTW I know nothing about football, so please don’t be offended. I like the Princess and the Frog and Harry Connick Jr. Naturally, I like New Orleans, too!

Spent $28, got $13 ECBs and $8.35 in Target gift card
I'll post the specifics in later posts. Just click on the store names.

Target: paid $15.21 with $8.35 in gift cards left

CVS: paid $5 for everything and got $13 ECBs (both pictures!)

Winn-Dixie: paid $8.50 for 8 pkgs of lunchmeat & 4 foil pans!

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  1. Target deals were great this week!
    My kids are stocked up on oatmeal, for sure :)


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