Monday, February 8, 2010

Winn-Dixie: $0.50 Lunchmeats!

GREAT DEAL with coupons:
BOGO John Morell Off the Bone Lunchmeats, $3.99 for 2

Deal Scenario: (ends Tuesday)
Buy 4, cost $7.98
Use two $1 off 2 peelies (found on container)
Use Buy3 Get1 coupon, deducts $3.99 ( Q from newspaper)
Pay $0.98 for 2 or only $0.50 each!
*You can still use one manufacturer coupon per item even for BOGO deals.

I only found 2 peelies. So it cost $6 for 8 packages. That’s it’s still a great deal at $0.75 each! Their foil baking pans are also BOGO. These two pans cost $2.49. My total came out to $8.50.

I didn’t check this receipt either and was charged for an extra lunchmeat. Since they were closed already, I tapped on the glass door. The manager came out and looked at my receipt. I asked him to write on there how much my refund needs to be. So that tomorrow, I can stop by and get the $3.99 without having to bring in my purchases.

Clearance items I saw at Winn-Dixie:
$1.99 Cinnamon Brooms
$3.50 select Febreze Noticeables
$0.89? Winn-Dixie Skillet Meals
-Also, try me FREE sticker for Mariani dried fruit (at produce section). You can get your money back or $8 of coupons.
-Blinkies for $1 off 2 Kraft cheese shreds or chunks, or $1 off 1 Kraft Deluxe Singles

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