Saturday, October 24, 2009

FREE Movie Tickets from Target DVD's

UPDATE: I went back to Target tonight. These movies are from the $5 wall but cost us only $9 (used $2 off Q). And we got 3 FREE Movie tickets from them. The Chex cost $1.50 (after $1 Target Q and $1/2 Manuf Q). The Target $1 off 1 expires tonight but there's another $1 off 2 Target Print. They're $1.50 at CVS starting Sunday! Price-match at Target Customer Service like in this scenario:

Price Match Scenario (bring CVS Ad):
$1.50 x 2 Chex Mix
-$1 x 2 Target Print Q
-$1/2 Chex Manuf Q
$1 for 2 Chex... still a good deal!

See that yellow sticker? It says: Get A Movie Ticket! Up to $7.50 for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or Planet 51. You just enter the code on the back of the sticker here and print the movie ticket.

Most major theaters accept these printable tickets. We've watched a few this summer using the free movie tickets from Kmart and Pop-Tarts (this promo is ongoing through June 2010!)

I got this movie a while back but hesitated to post it because this was the only copy I saw there. But today, I saw a few other movies from the $5 wall that had it: Swan Lake Princess and Jumanji. And at the regular movie section, there were a few $9.99 DVDs that had the sticker too. The great thing about this is that I used that Staycation DVD $2 coupon here. So the DVD was only $3, plus a FREE movie ticket! This coupon was posted by Hip To Save in July. It's still good through Oct 31!

The $3 movies will make great stocking stuffers. But getting FREE movie tickets to boot just takes it to a new level of Family Entertainment. Even if you don't care for the DVD & buy it just for the free movie ticket, remember Christmas is coming up. This will be great for Christmas Angel Tree presents, too!

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