Monday, May 25, 2009

Target Deals

Since this Sunday's paper had no coupons. I didn't buy it. So I went to A Full Cup to view the Target ad. They posted it Saturday. Of course Target's website (on the left hand side) has it too by Sunday. It looks like certain snack foods will get you a $5 gift card. But I didn't see any other deals that would make me rush over there.

But FYI, Kellogg's Poptarts has a promo: buy 5 get 1 FREE movie ticket. Only for specially marked boxes. On the back of the box is a movie ticket stub you cut out and collect 5 to send in for a ticket. Each household can send in for 5 FREE movie tickets. All the rules are in the box. And it is good for any movie not just Star Trek!

Here is the deal scenario: Thanks Hip 2 Save
($1 off 2 coupons from 4/5 RP makes this cheaper but our region didn't get them)
Buy 5 Poptarts, $2.33 each
Use 5- $0.50 Target coupons
Pay $9.15
Get $5 Gift Card for anything else in the store
Send in for 1 FREE movie ticket

*It doesn't matter where you get the Poptarts from, as long as it says Free Movie Pass. Walmart had the 8 count Poptarts on sale for $1.98 and Publix had them BOGO ($2.45 for 2).

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