Monday, May 25, 2009

Fire Up the Grill! Deal Scenarios

Here are deal scenarios for using the $6 off Pork coupon .Buy 3lbs at $2/lb, pay $6, FREE with the coupon! Most of our area stores have pork on sale this week. But if you miss out, please print the coupon anyway. I have seen porkchops go on sale for $0.99/lb at Food World from time to time. And this coupon is good through Dec 31. Go to the next post down for the fine print.

The scenarios listed are the best value, or cheapest way to do this deal. At the bottom, the price-match possibilities for Wal-Mart are listed. I'll be buying mine at Publix to try their pork. I also have a $10 off $50 competitor coupon and $5 off $50 Publix coupon. But the best value is price-matching at Walmart, cheapest Total at $7.50.

Remember, 3 things to buy for this deal: charcoal, pork and one of these: Ball Park, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Glad Product, KC Masterpiece Product, Vlasic Pickles or Relish.

Publix: (All Natural Pork. You can price-match this at Wal-Mart, too)
$1.99/lb Pork Spareribs or Assorted Pork Chops, buy 3.1 lbs
$1.79/lb Boston Butt Pork Roast, buy 3.36 lbs
$1 Glad Cling Wrap 100 sq ft
$6.99 Kingsford Original or Mesquite, 17-18 lb bags

Winn-Dixie: (can't price-match this at Wal-Mart because it's BOGO)
BOGO ($1.65/lb) Pork steak or country style ribs,
Buy 2 packs at 3.7lbs each, $6
or buy 4 packs at 2lbs each, $6.60
BOGO ($3 for 2) Ball Park hotdogs, buy 2
Other qualifying products are on sale for $2.50, look below
Buy 1 Match Light, 13.5 lb or Charcoal Briquets, 17-18 lb bags, $6.99
TOTAL: at least $10

Wal-Mart Scenario: (or make your own scenario with the price-matches below)
$6.99 Match Light, 13.5 lb bag (Winn-Dixie)
$1.50 Vlasic Pickles, 16-24 oz (Barnes)
$1.59/lb Boston Butt, buy 3.77 lbs (Food World)
TOTAL: $7.50

Wal-Mart Price-Matches:
$6.99 for Charcoal, with these varieties:
Publix- Reg. or Mesquite, 17-18 lb bags
Barnes- also Hickory 17-18 lb bags
Winn-Dixie- Match Light, 13.5 lb bag

Pork Sales:
Food World- $1.59/lb Boston Butt, 3.77 lbs
Food World- $1.99/lb Boston Butt Pork Steaks or Strips, 3 lbs
Greer's- $1.38/lb Fresh Pork Boston Butt, 4.35 lbs
Publix- $1.99/lb Pork Spareribs or Assorted Pork Chops, buy 3.1 lbs
Publix- $1.79/lb Boston Butt Pork Roast, buy 3.36 lbs

Qualifying Products:
Barnes- $1.50 Vlasic Pickles, 16-24 oz bottle
Publix- $1 Glad Cling Wrap 100 sq ft

Winn-Dixie - each are $2.50:
KC Masterpiece Marinade, 16 oz
Glad Zipper Freezer or Storage, quart or gallon, 30-50 count
Gladware Containers, 3-8 count

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