Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Plan Monday August 17

Happy Monday! The weather has been cooling off a lot here in Central Virginia, thanks to all the rain and flash storms we are having. Hope it doesn't get too cold to finish off the dozen of popsicles still left in the freezer!

Anyway, the past couple of weeks we've been having one-pot-pasta. It is the best thing ever! The dried spaghetti cooks with the veggies and sauce all in one pot at the same time. It's revolutionary like baked tacos! This week, we're having Filipino spaghetti cooked as one-pot-past. I don't think I can go back cooking it another way.

Yes, there are green peas in this spaghetti. It did not damage the taste!
pancakes, waffles, muffins (the last batch of pre-mixes I made)
homemade blueberry compote from the U-pick blueberries
cereal (for Saturday morning cartoons, of course!)
chili and cornbread (when the weather is below 80)
tuna sandwiches ($0.79 a can at CVS!)
lentil-brown rice casserole
Filipino spaghetti
pool party snacky foods

popcorn, popsicles, cake, and fruit, smoothies

Missing those fresh U-pick strawberries

lots of salad (Kroger produce sale!)
arroz-caldo or lugaw (Filipino rice porridge)
sotanghon (Filipino noodle soup)
adobo (Fiipino chicken stew)
Church dinner




  1. Hi..found you on the orgjunkie linky.

    The berries look tasty! I love berries.

    Trish from

  2. Your menu looks really tasty. I am loving the idea of cooking the pasta in the sauce. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! ~ Pary Moppins

  3. I love using adobo sauce - it adds such a great depth of flavor!
    Shashi @


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