Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Manufaturer's Coupons From Food Lion's Saving Center!

Make sure to stop by Food Lion to print manufacturer's coupons. It's another way to get coupons without wasting printer ink!

The MVP Savings Center is a blue version of the CVS Magic Coupon Machine, except it prints our manufacturer's coupons too. Just like at CVS, I make it a point to stop by Food Lion and print out coupons whenever I can. It's convenient that our neighborhood CVS is next to Food Lion!

The store coupons are only for that day and are sometimes great for picking up a free bag of rice. But many of the manufacturer coupons have long expiration dates, some are two months! Also, they are usually the same ones that print from . None that I have seen say "Do Not Double" either.

So, if you have Food Lion stores in the area, keep an eye out for great coupons from the Savings Center. Just this week, I was able to get 4 bags of Chex Mix for $0.50 using coupons from Food Lion. They would have been free, too, if our Kroger stores still doubled coupons.

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