Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Surprising Deals At Food Lion

Food Lion is like 7-11 to me. I know it's there. It's convenient. There seems to be one in every small shopping strip. But most of the time I forget about it. Unlike big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target or even huge grocery stores like Kroger and Martin's, Food Lion seems to disappear into the strip mall landscape.

When I do remember to shop at Food Lion, I am usually surprised with nice little savings like a 2-cent bag of rice, or 50-cent bag of Mc Cain's potatoes, or $0.49-cent cans of pure pumpkin on clearance. Just like CVS, Food Lion has a Magic Coupon Machine that prints out store and manufacturer coupons. The store coupons are only good that day. The manufacturer coupons are usually the same ones from coupons.com and high value. Most often, it is from these coupons I get 75cents off rice. And store coupons can be combined with manufacturer's, and that's how I got $2 off the potatoes priced at $2.50.

Also, I signed-up for the Shopper's Email Companion and have received nice store coupons to print like $2 off $5 fresh produce, bakery or meat products. It's not often that coupons for these categories are available so it's great to take advantage of them when they are!

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