Friday, July 12, 2013

How Cows Graze- Our Family's Chick-Fil-A Trip

I stayed up last night watching High Noon with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly while stitching up a couple dozen black and white cow spots on shirts and pants. I didn't want them to come off so easily because I was hoping to visit a couple of Chick-Fil-A restaurants today for Cow Appreciation Day. We ended up stopping by two and we had a blast!
The first stop was our neighborhood restaurant. They had very few restrictions on the free meals. I got a chicken wrap and fruit cup. The children got 4-pc chicken strips. Tony ordered a chicken deluxe sandwich. There was only a group of highschoolers in front of us and they had their order right away. This restaurant was very prepared!
Later, we went to a second location that was in a strip mall. I thought it would have less people than our stand-alone neighborhood joint. Instead there was a long line. And a few people were not dressed up at all. Some customers were sharing their black cow dots and ears with them after they placed their orders. It was a picture of community. See, nothing brings people together like food, especially the free kind.

To make it easier, I ordered chicken strips for everyone, 2 fruit cups and different drinks. The workers here looked totally exhausted. But no one complained, everyone was all smiles.

I thought we might hit up another place after the children's church event. But they forgot their change of clothes! We couldn't let them look like cows for their VBS performance. So the spots came off. But since I sewed them on, we had to pull out all the thread too. I stayed calm but grumpy. Next year, we are using contact paper spots! And hopefully it will not be on the same night at VBS again.

And for tomorrow? Krispy Kreme glazed donuts: Buy a dozen glazed, get another for $0.67... hmmm... we'll be there as soon as the HOT sign turns on!

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