Thursday, July 11, 2013

Have a Cow! Get a FREE Meal!!!

Stay tuned later to see a pix of our fam dressed up!
Ok, so I surveyed some ladies at Church about Cow Appreciation Day tomorrow. No one was planning on going. I was like, What! My 3 Reasons to go:
  1. FREE food, even breakfast is included! Chicken fingers for me and waffle fries.
  2. Cows are awesome! Just think of how exciting it is to  pass by them on road trips.
  3. Chance to be corny with your kiddos and hubs! Great way to start the weekend.
Last year, we didn't make it to Chick Fil A until 9:30 pm and there was still a crowd and plenty of food left. And everyone was giddy happy before they even got their food! We scrounged last minute supplies and used black socks for ears and lots of tape. It was a memorable experience with lots of laughs.

So, yes, please go! Even a couple of black spots on a white t-shirt garners a FREE sandwich. Can't beat that!

Thanks Hip2Save for the reminder! Check out the cow costume gallery for inspiration and download a costume starter kit to get started. Thanks Totally Target!

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