Friday, May 10, 2013

Snoring? Get Help at Walgreens (Or At Least Try)

It's so hard to admit that I snore. Probably because it's much easier to point fingers at someone else and blame them for a hard night's sleep. Until you wake up from deep slumber thinking someone is at the door. But, it's only you.
Some suggest that a better diet, exercise, and sleeping early all contribute to less noise at night. Breathe Right also say they can help. Walgreens paid me $2 this week to take it home. So, I'll give that a try. Then I'll eat better, workout and stop watching The Voice at 11pm.
Even if you don't snore, you can help someone out for free this week at Walgreens. My Walgreens trip consisted of 3 transactions broken up like this:
#1 Transaction:
Breathe Right Extra 10 pk, $4
(used $2 Manuf Q from Cold and Flu Wags booklet)
Walgreens 8pk Tampon, $1.49
=Paid $3.49, Got $5.49 RR
#2 Transaction:
Calagel Spray, $5
Chicken of the Sea Tuna, $0.79
(Used in-ad coupon)
=Paid $0.39 (used $5.49 RR), got $5 RR
#3 Transaction:
Nice! Sugar, $2.29
(Used in-ad coupon)
Nice! Italian Shredded Cheese, $1.99
(marked down)
Keebler Sandies, $1.99
=Paid $1.26 (used $5RR)
Walgreens is always a hard place for me to shop with coupons. For example, the Breathe Right coupon was from a booklet that Walgreens published and it rang up "expired" on the register. The cashier couldn't believe me at first when I showed him the date was not expired. For the second transaction, he wouldn't let me use both RRs to pay. Each time, his boss came over and fixed the problem. I have been learning not to be a Freak-Out-Mom and still stand my ground. That is my caveat of the Walgreens couponing experience.
Also, more often than I care to admit, I forget about spending my RRs before they expire, leading to lost money. Nowadays, I try to spend it all in the same trip. They have plenty of groceries that are reasonably priced as you can see.
How about you? Do you care about Walgreens' deals? More deals are always posted at MSM and Wild For Wags!

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