Monday, May 13, 2013

CVS: Easy Beauty Returns, Part 2 and Deals and Shopping Trip

Last week, I shared with you the return policy of CVS's Beauty Club. I was able to return 4 nail polishes with no hassle. I got the same exact type but different colors. My cashier didn't ask for any receipts- although your mileage may vary. Have receipts handy anyway!

The Starbucks K-Cups are not BOGO, unfortunately, but Folgers instant coffee is, regular and decaf (but they are different prices). Plenty of cereals were also included in the $1.77 sale. And boy were my kids glad to have Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. For only $0.77, I can grant them that small joy.

I also found a Venus razor for $6.99 that produced $3 ECBs. Using a $3 manuf. q and 30% off made this FREE with a lil' overage.

I thought the travel size Crest would give $3 ECBs like they have before. But alas, no. So I had to return it. Because I used ECBs to make the purchase, they put the amount of the return back on a CVS card.   

Not bad for a little quick trip!
Here is the rundown of my trip:
2 Folgers, BOGO, $7.49 -2 $1.50 printable
1 Fruity Pebbles, $1.77 -$1 printable
1 Venus Razor, $7.99 -$3 from 5/12 PG
2 Crest travel size (had to return)
-$3 (from 30% off email coupon)
-$10 ECBs from previous transactions
= Paid $1.74, Got $3 ECBs, Got $4 on CVS card

Visit Money Saving Mom for more deals at CVS. I also used Hip2Save's coupon match-ups.

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