Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Weekly Goals: First Post! May 20

Since I have had success in the cooking department because of menu planning, I'm thinking that maybe I ought to make plans for other areas of my life. It's only taken a few years of reading Crystal's 10 Weekly Goals for me to get to this point!
1. Continue taking weekly pictures of the children.
2. Take tea and reading time outside.
3. Continue reading Platform and So Long Insecurity.
4. Grandma's Attic as lunch read-aloud.
5. Take Mommy Time Out! A birthday gift to myself.
6. Enjoy following Monday Menu Plan.
7. Go for at least 2 nature walks with the children.
8. Go out for a movie date.
9. Work on Clutter-Busting Challenge, Church yard sale this weekend!
10. Create Summer Bucket List.
I know goal planning works. I guess I just couldn't bring myself to accept that it will work for me. So I guess my number one goal for this week, the umbrella goal, you could say, is to make goals. Dream, plan, hope, envision, these are all things that I've pushed aside in the attention-grabbing present tense of mothering. Now that my dearest ones are not so little anymore, I can take greater liberties looking ahead. Yeah for developing new habits!

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