Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Libbie Pumpkin Pie Mix $0.75 at Food Lion

Since I still had one $2 off $5 meat coupon for Food Lion, I stopped by there this evening to redeem the coupon. Their Magic Coupon Machine spit out some fab qs tonight:

$0.25 off tuna
$0.75 off shredded cheese
$0.50 off bread
$0.75 off potato chips
These and many other coupons were all the My Essentials brand- the other Food Lion brand. Of course, there were other store coupons for name brand items too. 

So I picked up all these items, except the potato chips, and also:
5-lb split chicken breast $3.02 after the $2 coupon
masa flour $2 (cheaper than a 10pack bag of flour tortillas)
Gwaltney hot dogs $0.30 after $0.70 coupon
and 3 28oz Libbie Pumpkin Pie Mix $0.75 each (exp date 5/2014!)

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