Monday, April 29, 2013

FREE Zyrtec at CVS!

This is only my second spring here in Virginia. Unlike last year, I've only had to take an Allegra once, and no Zyrtec at all for my allergies. But when I heard about the $6 Zyrtec coupon in the Smartsource coupon booklet this Sunday, I knew it was better to have it on hand in case the wind blows the wrong way and dumps pollen on me.

So off at CVS this Sunday, I picked up 5ct Zyrtec and Kit Kat which were both free after ECBs and coupon. Also, a 24 bug is going around our family and Pepto was needed. I used my 25% off CVS coupon to get $1.50 off the $7.42 regular price. It comes out 50 cents more than at Wal-Mart. But I had ECBs to use and only paid for tax. Then, I got the $2 ECB from the end of the Green Bag Tag program. So it was like I made $2 from that transaction.
It seems like every Thursday afternoon, not only does the CVS website put out a sneak peek of next week's ad, but they also email a percent off or dollars off coupon that is good through the weekend. In that case, I didn't really need to buy a lot. But I can just wait to go back on Saturday when my store does a back-to-back deals for both the current and upcoming ads.

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