Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pantry Challenge Week 3

On New Year's Eve, we barely celebrated because the flu came upon the family and didn't leave until last week. Thankfully, it was only a mild cold, sore throat, and fever. But it took it's time, taking each person out one at a time.

We still ate mostly from the pantry. It worked out since it was better to keep the cold away from the unsuspecting public. But I did shop for milk and other staples, especially since I won $12 from the Kroger Pop & Save sweeps.

We've had meatballs, tacos, fried rice and lots and lots of soup. I made lemon meringue, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin dip and molasses cookies. Now we are out of flour, butter and only have ham for meat.

We did go out for Mc Donald's and Little Ceasar's a couple times. It gets tiring having to prepare every single person's meal every single day. And one Friday movie night, I bought frozen corndogs and fries to go with our pizza. This was requested by the sick people so I was happy to oblige.

Later I hope to put up some pictures but right now blogger is acting up. Must be because of the snow storm coming up our way!

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