Thursday, January 17, 2013

FREE Rice at Food Lion

Wow! I can't even count how many bags of rice I got for free at Food Lion since they started the My Essentials promotion. This is the rebranded store brand line. They also have the coupon generating machines that can easily be confused with Blockbuster Express. Both are blue boxy machines near the store entrance. Similar to the "magic" CVS coupon machine, scan the MVP card before you shop and prepare to be surprised.

True, it's up in the air what you will get. But I often get $0.75 off My Essentials rice. Right now, they are on sale for $0.69 for the 1-lb bag, so I actually got overage when I used it yesterday. Sometimes, I get $1 off frozen potatoes, so only $0.99 for a bag of tater tots or fries.

Plus, they still have the promotion, "Get $1 for buying 4 My Essentials" plus $0.25 more for each extra item purchased. Check out Southern Savers long price list of these store brand items to see what you can score. I see canned veggies, beans or tomatoes around $0.45 regular price. That comes out to $0.20 a can after the catalina coupon.

So essentially, buy 4 bags of rice at $0.69 each, pay $2.76, get $1 coupon off your next purchase. That is like paying only $1.76 for four, or $0.45 each. Don't forget to stick these in the freezer overnight to kill any bugs in them.

And on another side note, the Food Lion I went to had Near East Cous Cous for only $1.48 a box, which is my old Publix stock-up price for these. I was very pleased to see Food Lion even had these. And it was just regular price.

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