Thursday, January 17, 2013

Office Max Christmas Clearance

It seems like I would get tired of Christmas clearance, but after a little break, I can take more, especially if it has to do with more chocolate! While the children were in Awana last night, we stopped by Office Max to get $5 worth of items and 5 FREE notebooks. I was thinking of the $5- 100 pack page protectors but then I saw their Christmas clearance. Right by the cash registers, they had an array of holiday items including $0.99 wrapping paper, $4.40 Christmas cards, $0.50 Thank You cards, $1.99 large Pez package, and such. Many were overpriced. But I thought the candy was decent: Lindt chocolate $1.50, soft caramels $1.50, peanut brittle $0.70, and none looked Christmas-y. So they can be for Valentine's easily, if they make it that long!

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