Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Menu Plan

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It's great to menu plan again. In the beginning of May, my husband and I did a freezer inventory. From this list and food in the pantry, I wrote up a menu plan for May. This time, I taped both inventory and menu plan on the fridge. I'm glad to say that we've followed it every week for the most part. Plus, all these meals are simple family favorites, I don't even use a recipe.

Here's some pictures of what we've been eating this month:
Fried rice for breakfast? That's popular in the Philippines when I was growing up. Very filling.Yay! I finally made pizza from scratch. I used meatballs from spaghetti night for meat. Now my family doesn't like Wal-Mart pizza.
Wal-Mart had Sea Best Tilapia 4lbs for under $10. The first week I fried fish. Then I made angel hair pasta with wilted spinach and vine-ripe tomatoes and served it with pan fried tilapia. Even the children ate it up!

May Menu Plan

Breakfast casserole
Oatmeal, boiled eggs, fruit
Fried rice
cream cheese bites, boiled eggs, fruit
French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage

Chicken broccoli casserole
Tacos night
Chicken or tuna salad sandwich, smoothies
Grilled chicken, Angel hair pasta with spinach & tomatoes
Ham and spinach casserole, salad greens

Pasta night- spaghetti & meatballs
Adobo, rice, green beans
Pancit & porkchops, ambrosia salad
Lentil soup & tilapia, pineapple cake
Pizza night
Steak, rice and beans

Each list starts with Sunday then it goes down the days of the week. I am very flexible with this plan, picking meals from different days to suit our needs. But I have been sticking to the types of meals that I make. Shopping is easier when I get a fancy idea in my head like, "I love curry-let's make it tonight!" Since it's not on the list and I don't have any ingredients for it, it's easier to tell myself, "No!"

I hate to admit that I get in the way of myself most of the time!

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