Friday, May 27, 2011

Frugal Friday: $0.39/lb Bananas on Clearance

Many of us love to browse neighborhood grocery stores for clearance in the meat department. But our local Winn-Dixie also has plenty of produce on clearance like bananas for $0.39/lb. They're on a rack with other produce like tomatoes, peppers, and fruits, all marked down.
Ripe, but still great!
They come in a small, white paper bag. Since 4 bags is too much to eat in a few days, I froze some in a freezer bag. I peel and freeze them whole. We love smoothies and one banana with a few other fruits makes enough for our family.
Peel n' freeze
I use bananas and other frozen fruits to cool hot oatmeal, besides using them for banana bread and smoothies. My husband keeps bananas from spoiling by eating a few with generous spoonfuls of honey peanut butter. My little ones eat bananas because I tell them to.

Where do you find cheap fruit? The Comissary sells a box of bananas for $5. Besides Winn-Dixie, what other stores have you seen these bargains?

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  1. Our local grocery store will sell a bag full of old bananas for $.99. I always grab a few when they do this and peal and freeze for later. Such an easy think and a great money saver.


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