Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter tomorrow!

We're having a small Easter egg hunt on Sunday. I managed to save lot of eggs from last year. One or two had remnants of LaffyTaffy but the rest were in great shape and ready to be filled.

The only sweets we had around the house were chocolates. To make up for the lack of sugar in the eggs, I followed this great tip from one of the blogs I read: add coins, stickers, tattoos, Legos, beads and buttons.

We also dyed eggs for the first time this year. CVS had FREE Paas Kits this week and I aslo had extras from previous years. After boiling a few of them and letting them cool slightly, we drew on the warm eggs with crayons. Then, when they were dyed, the crayon markings stayed- like color resist. Art class during co-op is paying off!

This morning the Easter Bunny came and hid the hardboiled eggs out in the front lawn. Instead of running after the eggs, our kids walked together and helped each other spot the eggs. Sometimes, I am amazed at how close they are! Since there are no trinkets in these eggs,each one found got them a minute of Nintendo DS playing time. After they were done collecting the eggs, they peeled the them for me. Each boiled egg they peeled earned more minutes. Egg salad and deviled eggs are calling my name!

Of course, the best time to buy empty eggs is after Easter. Don't forget that Target will have them on clearance at 50% off Monday. Candy will start at 30% off. But the best place to get them cheap without worry of them running out is at drugstores like CVS. People tend to forget they have clearance too. Well after Walmart and Target's shelves are cleared, CVS will still have a few. They might even put them on 90% off clearance. So, keep your eyes open!

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