Friday, May 27, 2011

Finer Things: Kindred Spirits

Photo from Outdoor Gulf Coast
We had a great picnic at Dickson Park near the backgate of NAS Pensacola to celebrate the end of this year's co-op. Lots of happy moms and children. The director and her honorary assistant made thoughtful presents not just for the teachers but all the moms. They used coupons and bought for-mom-only items like Bic Soleil razor, bodywashes and notecards (from the hardware store!) We had door prizes of fresh picked summer veggies that I just had to cook and enjoy that same day.
Teacher gifts they'll appreciate!
When I talked to the director, it turns out that she started couponing for her family. She was even sharing some deals I didn't know about. I already really like and look up to her. My heart felt light as I realized she is a kindred spirit! That's up there in my list of finer things.

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