Sunday, May 29, 2011

CVS Deals Starting Sunday- FREE Chocolate & More!

FirstKingdomMom has a link-up for $5 CVS Challenge for multi-transactions using only $5.I’m splurging an extra $0.50 to keep this in 2 transactions.

If you are starting out with only $5.50 to spend:
First transaction:
Buy 2 Mars chocolate & Prep H wipes, 5Honest Tea
Pay $5.50, Get $7 ECBs

Second transaction:
Buy 2 OralB Toothbrushes, 2 Mennen Speedstick
Use $6 ECBs, Pay $0, Get $5 ECBs
Plus you still have $1 ECB from the chocolate

Pay $5.50 out-of-pocket, get $6 ECBs to use for next week

Go! Rollover Extra Bucks! Go!

Before I share the deal& match-ups to get a savings of 110%, can I share an “Anna”ctdote with you?

It was a nice change of pace to enjoy soft-serve ice cream and a frappe at McDonald’s this afternoon. I brought my laptop to use their Wi-Fi to scout drugstore deals starting tomorrow. I even brought 2 headphones so the little peeps could listen to the last episode of the Green Ring Conspiracy on Adventures in Odyssey. Everything was pleasant. Lots of families had the same idea so the place was a bit crowded.

All was well until some teenagers came in showcasing their non-existent muscles and decided to show off their bad language as well. At least they turned it down a notch after Big Mama reminded them that younger children are present. Although they backed off the “F” word, there was plenty of the “H” word and unholy use of God’s name. Then our McDonald’s field trip ended abruptly. If only I remembered the power cord then the kids could have listened to more stories online instead of trash, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

While there, I did manage to jot down some awesome deals at CVS:

5 for $5 Honest Tea (& others), Get $2 ECBs
Use 5 $0.50 Honest Tea tearpad (found by Publix registers)
Pay $2.50, Get $2 ECBs
= $0.50 for 5 bottles

2 for $1 Mars Chocolate singles, Get $1 ECB
=2 FREE after the ECB!

2 for $6 Mennen Speedstick, Get $3 ECB
Use 2 $0.75 from the 5/22 SS
And use $1 off 1 from the Reinventing Beauty Mag*
Pay $3.50, Get $3 ECBs
= $0.50 for 2 deodorants
*The RIB magazine is only $0.99, but many stores will often have the coupon page in a stack for free.

$1.99 Oral B IndicatorToothbrushes, Get $1 ECB
(other items on sale)
Buy 2 (limit of 2)
Use $1.50 off 2 from 5/1 PG
Pay $2.48, Get $2 ECBs
= $0.50 for 2 toothbrushes

$3.99 Preparation H, 10ct wipes, Get $3.99
Use $2 PRINT
= $2 Moneymaker

Hip2Save’s CVS Deals list posts freebies in red, making it easy to spot. That’s where I go for deals. MoneySavingMom posts superdeals and has a link-up too.

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