Monday, May 30, 2011

BOGO Theater Box Candy + $3 ECBs wyb $10

Even though CVS has been slammed all weekend, shelves are still stocked well. A nice surprise was BOGO movie theater candy, making them $0.75 each! Only 4-6 oz candies are BOGO, so watch the size. Since we love watching movies at home, I like to stock-up on this candy. Plus, it’s easier to limit myself to one box instead of a whole bag of candy. I am a recovering junk food addict.

If you prefer gel deodorants, Lady Speedstick is also on sale. CVS also has Honest Ade, besides the teas. This is new. I love the Orange Mango! They also had plenty of Prep H wipes, though it’s hard to find. This is one of those nice moneymakers you hope to never ever use. But if you do, at least you made money on it.

This is what I bought:
4 Honest Ade
1 Smart Water (cuz I only had 4 Honest Ade Qs)
8 boxes of candy
2 bags of Twizzlers
2 Twix candy bars
2 Lady Speedstick
2 Oral B Toothbrushes
I paid $13 and still have $10 ECBs for next week.

A note on the Gas Card deal:

The store manager told me that they now have $10 Shell Gas Cards available for the promotion- Buy $30 select items, Get $10 Gas Card. Usually, say the deal lasts a couple of weeks, I can buy $15 worth now and $15 later. On the second week, I will get the $10 gas card. This is works for most deals during the promotional period. BUT not for the gas cards! These deals are different every week and they do not rollover. Since the $10 gas card deals are available through September, keep an eye out for deals on items you would normally buy, even without a coupon.
Think of it as getting $20 for $30 worth, since you would pay $10 for gas every week anyway. For us, that’s not even 3 gallons. It’s so sad. I miss when gas wasn’t even $1 a gallon!

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