Friday, April 8, 2011

$0.50 Philadelphia Cooking Creme at Winn-Dixie

Although we have enough cooking creme to last forever, I might just buy some more. For only $0.50 each, I'm willing to surf the web for new recipes. If you are interested in buying these along with chicken, lookout for the $1.50 peelies on different chicken items. Might as well get another $1.50 off, right. Last time these were on sale, they had a $1 Winn-Dixie retailer coupon. Our store took this as a store coupon. Stacked with the $1.50 manufacturer's, this became a lil' money maker.

Besides this, Kraft cheese is on sale for $2. There is a new blinkie found at Publix (& Winn-Dixie too, maybe) for $1 off the Touch of Philly variety. This makes the cheese only $1 each. We can never have too much cheese! Freeze extras.

Here's a Spinach Dip recipe I've concocted to use up the cooking creme:
1 box frozen spinach ($0.15 from last Publix sale)
1 bag Kraft shredded cheddar cheese ($1 after $1 blinkie)
1 tub Philly cooking creme- savory garlic ($0.50 after $1.50 blinkie) Salt and pepper to taste
=$1.65 for all ingredients

Cook spinach per directions. Drain as much liquid as possible. Add cheese and stir until melted. Add cooking creme, salt and pepper. Stir to combine well. Serve hot or cold with some pita chips or crackers.

I love that this dip requires no stove or oven cooking. For an extra spicy kick, use Santa Fe cooking creme and/or Pepperjack shredded cheese.

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