Friday, April 8, 2011

FREE OTCs and Toiletries at Publix!

These are some items I got for free at Publix recently. Only one coupon was from the newspaper, the rest in-store and printables. If you still have some of the printables, you can also score these deals. Right Guard BOGO coupon from 3-13 RP One
pair with Right Guard Buy One Bodywash Get FREE Deodorant Q (Green Ad flyer found in-store)
$2 Visine, any product
(I think this has a size restriction)
FREE Soothing Wipes with other Visine purchase (no longer available)
$4 Zyrtec Q- Target coupon

$2 Zyrtec manufacturer's Q- blinkie found in-store
$5 off $25 Apple Market Q (no longer available- makes me cry!)

The Visine Soothing Wipes were clearance $4.99 but rang up $6.99. I pointed that out to customer service. Did you know that their Publix Promise is to give you the product FREE if it rings up differently at the register? So I got $6.99 back and made a little money on this shopping trip.

What did I do with the leftover dough? We enjoyed some Publix fried chicken- it was even on sale for $5.99! Food is not the only freebies to be had at Publix- OTCs and toiletries, too. Now you know.

Of course, most of my coupon links come from I Heart Publix. See what great deals you can snatch!

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