Sunday, January 23, 2011

CVS Deals Starting Sunday 1-23-11

Last week's CVS deals were great for me. For some reason though, I got Kudos and candy coupons and nothing else from the coupon machine. I hope it isn't broken! This week is a little slower. Some are repeats like the Crest Pro-Health but FREE after ECBs without any coupon. They were out of stock Friday but I'm glad I had to wait. Now it will be a $1 money maker with the coupon I have. For those with the 12/26 PG- the $2 coupon is an even better money maker.

Publix at Mobile Hwy had Honest Tea in a bin by the registers awhile back. There were $1 off 2 and $0.50 tearpad coupons attached. I'll get these for this week's CVS Coke/Kraft deal:

Buy $15 of Coke or Kraft (Nabisco Crackers) Get $5 ECBs back
My deal:
Buy 10 Honest Tea ($1.50 each)
Use 5 coupons for $1 off 2 from tearpad
Pay $10 out-of-pocket
Get $5 ECBS back
=Only $5 for 10 after ECBs

It's not the best deal but I love these drinks. For date-night-in, I get sushi (Publix Mobile Hwy is the best!) and these drinks while we watch a movie ($1 Blockbuster Express at Publix). The treats always makes me feel fancy!

To see the ads, visit I Heart CVS; CVS deals and match-ups at Hip2Save. Check it out.

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  1. Hi Anna & glad you are "back"...missed ya ☺ Anyhow...just thot I would let ya know that the 2.00 crest pro health (PG Q) is for a much larger bottle than this weeks advertised bottle @ CVS (bummer). Take care


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