Friday, October 8, 2010

FREE Coconut milk at Winn-Dixie

I was just at Winn-Dixie last night getting a few things. And I noticed $1 peelies for Thai Kitchen for any product. The noodles (looks like Ramen) is only $0.89, so FREE plus overage. Also, the cans of cocunut milk are BOGO at $1.99, so use 2 $1 off peelies and get two cans FREE!

There were other nice coupons like $0.55 Hormel Natural deli meat, $2 off any Lactaid and others. This afternoon, I should get some computer time and upload pictures of my finds. See you then!

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  1. Thanks Anna...made a WD run & got a couple cans of the Coconut milk.....I can now say "Shrimp Curry with coconut milk" will be on my menu in a week or two!!


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