Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butter for $1.84 & More Wal-Mart Deals

Early morning shopping at Wal-Mart was a pleasant experience. Lots of grandparents talking to my children gave them social time for today. Each had a dry-erase board and practiced spelling while I wheeled them all over the store.

Instead of my usual $70 purchase at Wal-Mart, I only spent $61. When I walk out of Publix I spend less than $30 everytime. But not at Wal-Mart. *Sigh* It's a small price to pay for getting a lot of deals in one place. Otherwise, I would have to shop 4 stores! Price-matching, in my opinion, is the easiest way to save money and save time.

Some things I bought with the price-match in ( ):
2 lbs of butter, $1.84 rollback

3 fryer chickens ($0.74/lb at FW)

3 lbs ground chuck ($1.99/lb at FW)

2 Kraft Singles ($1.25 each at FW)
4 Kraft Shredded Cheese $2 rollback
-$5.75 in coupons
= $4.75 for 6 cheeses!

Dannon Yogurt (big container) $1.96
-$0.75 coupon,

Look over your receipt. I found a few mistakes on mine that need to be corrected. Such is the nature of the Wal-Mart beast. For more deals, visit MSM. Also, our stores do not have $0.25/lb peaches, who knows, maybe next week!

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