Monday, August 2, 2010

Publix Super Shopping

Last Weds, a friend and I, went shopping to Publix at 7:30 am. I had all my coupons but no list! I was still printing coupons up to the last minute. Then we cut and arranged coupons for a few minutes. All seemed well until I realized I didn't have enough money! All I had was $13 and the wrong bank card. (I didn't have coffee yet and so I thought I grabbed the right card.) But I did have lots of coupons and $5 off $30 from Winn-Dixie. So I couldn't buy a whole lot but still managed to buy $30 worth:
I paid $0.30 for everything, including 12 more Sprouts baby food I gave to my friend. I was blown away! This was the first time that happened to me. Both the cereal and applesauce were rainchecks. And the GoGurt was cheap with the $1 and $0.85 coupons. The Smart Savings Booklets had BOGO Sprout and it's on BOGO sale so we were able to buy 40 FREE. (If you need a specific coupon from there, please let me know. I might be able to mail you a few.)

If you have friends who are expecting, I hope you grabbed these organic packets of veggie goodness. They can be frozen too if the baby isn't 7 months by the best by date. Or you can even add a packet to your spaghetti sauce to add a serving of veggies. It doesn't just have to be for babies.

This is a new coupon booklet at Publix. It's filled with lots of manufacturer's coupons. Last year, Winn-Dixie had a yellow school bus display and had these booklets. Also, for this coming week's BOGO Deals, Publix will have Ragu on sale. A new booklet called "Get A Smart Start For School" has $1/2 Ragu PUBLIX coupon. Pair that with a manufacturer's and get a great deal.

I didn't see one in this week's paper. So is Ragu a regional coupon? Let me know if you find it somewhere!

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