Sunday, August 1, 2010

FREE Backpack at Office Depot & FREE Breakfast for Teachers

UPDATE: Got my 2 FREE Backpacks!
I went to Office Depot Sunday to get the $1 paper. It was limit 2 per customer so I got 2 and did another transaction and hubby got 2. This is better than the Mail-In-Rebate deals for me so I don't have to wait so long to get the money back. Now we have a year supply of paper for $4!

Did you know that both Office Max and Depot price-match? Even though the writable DVDs are on sale at Office Depot, it's cheaper at Office Max. I brought in the copy of their ad and the cashier entered the price-match amount ($17.99 for TDK 100 DVDs). Saves on gas and time just shopping at one store. Plus, that let me get a 2nd FREE backpack!

Once I signed-up for the Star Teacher program, they emailed me a $10 off $50 which I forgot to bring! But they said they will take it as long as I come back with my receipt. So keep that in mind if you make a blunder like me!
Get a FREE backpack at Office Depot with a $10 minimum purchase. (Selection varies by location and limit 2 per household.)

Plus FREE breakfast for teachers on Saturday, August 7. Get 10% off all week and other discounts for teachers. When you sign-up for a Worklife Rewards Card, you'll receive a $10 off $50 coupon. Perfect for the back-to-school deals!

*I got these at Office Depot two weeks ago? for the Rebates. I used a coupon and should be a money maker once I get the rebate back. Who knew buying school supplies is a way to earn a little money?

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