Monday, July 19, 2010

Beulah Berries $5 per Gallon!

It's almost the end of blueberry season here in Pensacola. If you have any picking power left in you, head over Beulah Berries soon. Pick 3 gallons or more and it's only $5 a gallon! I suggest going first thing in the morning, like 6am and bring exact change. There is an honor system for paying when the owners are not there. All you do is put your cash or check in the envelopes provided and drop it in the blue self-payment box. If you pick less than 3 gallons, it's still $10 a gallon. I would go just to experience it, if you haven't been, and drink the famous blueberry tea. This post I wrote has directions and a video about Beulah Berries.

I made jam, 14 pints in all with 2.5 gallons. The berries are super ripe and just right for jammin'.

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