Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thrifty Tip Tuesday- DIY Spices

I have a friend who is an awesome gardener. She is such a blessing to me and a wealth of knowledge. From her herb garden, she gave me a few branches of rosemary to dry.

Then she told me to check for any bugs (her garden is pesticide free) then hang them upside down for a few days. I used some yarn to keep them together.

It was a bit tedious getting them off the stalks. But rosemary smells so good I didn't mind.
I had an empty spice bottle. I covered the old label with some scrapbook paper and glued it on. Voila! I had enough to fill one and share with another friend. Free dried rosemary!

Herbs are easy to grow (so they say!) and do well in containers. Even Target sells them. It's very thrifty to dry some to save for later.

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  1. My patio is full of herbs and spices, and I love going out and getting whatever I need when I need it. I'm learning now to preserve basil now!

  2. My son loves to pick basil leaves and eat them (he's 5) so I never had any to dry. But I did get lots of seeds from my friend and planted those this year.

  3. What a nice friend you have.. I love herbs and spices but I haven't tried growing my own yet. That Rosemary looks yummy!


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