Monday, May 3, 2010

Freezer Cooking May Edition

Haphazard freezer cooking, that's what I did. I pretty much thought of what I wanted to make and made it. No plan, really. I cooked a little last weekend too. My photo software is acting up so I pulled these old pics for a visual.
From a roll of ground beef I made meatballs (bbq and spaghetti) and breakfast apple sausages. I mixed in half a pound of sausage for a boost of flavor. The meatballs cooked in the crockpot on low for 4 hours. And the sausages grilled in the George Foreman, then I added cheese singles and an omelet to each. Perfect breakfast sandwiches. I'm freezing the bread separately this time though. I wish I had pics to show you because they looked really good.

Two batches of muffins: apple cheddar and bacon cornbread. Makes easy snack and breakfast additions. I also made granola last week.

Thanks to my friend Misty for showing me how to make homemade tortillas. They're not as pretty as these but yummy, even for the whole wheat tortilla version. I used canola oil in place of lard or shortening with great success. Then I made scrambled eggs, onions, and ground beef for the filling for breakfast burritos.

Lots of breakfast items. I also cooked 5 lbs of chicken leg quarters in the crockpot and picked through the bones. But those will mostly be used for meals this week and lots and lots of salad. I love that my friend Carolyn is an awesome gardener and blesses us with delicious Romaine and butternut lettuce. I couldn't afford salad otherwise!

Do you freezer cook too? It really helps me a lot! I get my ideas from Crystal on Money Saving Mom!

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  1. Can I come eat at your house this month?! :)


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