Monday, May 3, 2010

One year later, the 500th post!

This is the 500th post at Frugal For You! I started this blog a year ago at the end of April. Boy, has a lot happened since then. I knew nothing about blogs and I am still humbled to the point that I want to crawl in a hole everytime my husband shares this blog with strangers at the store. You see, I am a champion cheerleader to everyone else but myself. As much as I love talking about deals, I really love to write (my thoughts come out clearer that way). As with a lot of things, wifey and mommy life seem to take every bit of my identity away. I needed this blog to carve out time for myself and realize that even with my "regular" duties I can still be "me". Can I hear an "Amen!"

Of course, the more you share information and teach others what you've learned, the more proficient you become. I relate to that parable of the minas (Luke 19:11-27). The little we started out with grew to much more that I could imagine. Not so much monetarily, but more with our mindset. Ever feel trapped where you are? I learned to be content because I assumed things were staying pretty much the same for a while. But with each minuscule bargain deal, I felt success. Compound that every week and the evidence of a storehouse, now I no longer feel trapped.

Last summer, we took our first family to see my parents, Disneyland, and martial arts training. My husband gets really revved up about couponing because he credits that to fulfilling his childhood dream. He'll tell you straight, "I got to go train with the grandmasters of Escrima, because my wife saved us so much money." He made so many new friends at the House of Champions and even got train with Bruce Lee's student, Richard Bustillo.

My simple point is this: Don't lose sight of your goal! It's awesome to get freebies but it's got to be about more than that to keep you going, especially when clipping coupons is the last thing you want to do. Going on vacation, getting out of debt, financing missionaries, whatever it may be, shoot for something beyond yourself. Then pray and thank God for everything, even the mishaps. Because for some deals, you'd need the heavens to open up and bless you. Miracles still happen today. Sometimes, we just need to look at things differently to see them.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me! I know that I'm not the best blogger. But I hope to give you at least a few laughs along the way. Because if saving money doesn't make your smile a little, then we're in big trouble!

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