Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5.3.10

New month, new menu plan... I've completely avoided doing this in April. Might be why my stress level is a wee bit higher. So this time, try and try again. On the bright side, I cooked a few dishes this weekend that gave me a little headstart.

Crustless quiche, quick and easy, lots of protein!
Cinco de Mayo, Americanized version. Hubs grabbed all the stuff for me at Publix:
BOGO Old El Paso Dinner Kits, $3.03
BOGO Breakstones sourcream 8 oz, $1.09
BOGO Pace Salsa, $2.79 (Minus $2 Qs, only $0.40 each)
Couscous, used really good homemade chicken broth.

Here's the dinner menu plan:
Tuesday: Quiche and Salad
Wedsnesday: Taco Night (Cinco de Mayo!)
Thursday: Pizza Night (Tombstone, only $1.50)
Friday: Soup and Sandwiches
Saturday: Tuna Casserole ($0.30 each from CVS)
Sunday: Crockpot Tetrazzini ($0.10 pasta from Publix)

What's on your table this week? Get inspired from the hundred plans posted at OrgJunkie!

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