Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank You, My Mini-Pharmacy!

Since yesterday, I've been battling an awful head cold. My sweet hubby took us out to the local Chinese Restaurant to give me a break from cooking lunch. It was sweet relief for the pain just got worse that night and into this morning. I'm reminded of the old cartoons where an anvil drops on the cayote's head. That's exactly how I felt all morning! Thankfully, a dear friend checked-up on me and reminded me to get something for my fever and headache.
I found some Advil Cold and Sinus in our mini-pharmacy of stockpile OTC drugs in the bathroom. And I was again so grateful that God turned my heart towards frugality. Otherwise, this would have been a Wal-Mart rush trip and a $6 expense. I don't recall the last time I spent more than $3 for any OTC meds. Since we stay pretty healthy, many of these have met their fate in the trash because they pass their expiration dates. I hate to throw away anything. But it really softens the blow when I know a)nobody got sick to need it, b)we paid nothing for it. So when you are able, I highly suggest setting aside $5 a month in the grocery budget to stock-up on some Nyquil and Tylenol. Even now, Walgreens has a few great deals on these.

And while you shop the great sales at Publix this weekend, don't forget to cash in you FREE Puffs wyb 2 Ny/Dayquil coupons, you can use them for any sized tissue. There are $1.50 off any Ny/Dayquil too in the 2-7 P&G. Plus, you can use these for the $1.29 2ct- Ny/Dayquil. Or, if you prefer the bigger sized meds, Walgreens has these for Buy $20 Get $10 RR. I love the Vick's enfused Puffs myself. Reminds me of my mom taking care of me when I was young.

Walgreens deal (Thanks Hip2Save!)
Buy $20 of participating Vicks products = $10RR; Buy $15 = $5RR
Buy 4 Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil on sale $5 each = $20
Buy 2 Puffs Tissue (FREE with coupon below)
Use 4 $2/1 Vicks coupons from the 1/17 PG (expires 2/28); there is also a $1.50/1 coupon from the 2/21 PG
Use the Buy 2 Vicks products and Get Puffs Free coupon from the 2/7 PG
Pay $12
Get back a $10RR
Final Cost $2 for everything!!


  1. Thanks for the great post! I only learned this a couple of months ago and already have seen what a blessing it is to have a stockpile of these things. I love that when my hubby or kids need medicine I can provide one right away for only pennies usually and not have to run to the store and fork out several dollars.

  2. Halls couch drops have coupons regularly as well.

    I also try to get vitamins and herbs on a regular basis. It's been a great blessing to me the last couple of days to be able to reach for what I needed right from the shelf. Also, it's nice to not have to go to the store when you're sick! (Plus, you don't expose anyone else to your illness).

  3. Thank you so much! I need to do some stockpiling as it always happens that I look in the cabinet and see there isn't something I need.

  4. These are such great ideas. Glad I decided to catch
    up on some of WFMW posts.

  5. I just started doing these posts. It's a fun way to get new ideas!

  6. Having some things stored at home is a great idea. Medicine. Groceries. For when you can't get to the store.


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