Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Save-A-Lot March Deals

New grocery sales available at Save-A-Lot through March 20.
Where is it? 3300 N. Pace Blvd (corner of Pace & Fairfield)

$1/lb red seedless grapes
$0.50 Campbell's Spaghetti O's
3lbs/$1 bananas
$1.50 red or golden delicious apples, 3lb bag
$0.99/lb picnic pork roast
$1.49/lb ground beef (73%) in 5lb chub
$1.79/lb boneless skinless frozen chicken breast
$1.99 Westcott vegetable oil (-$1 PRINT)
$0.49 Wylwood can veg: corn, peas, green beans (-$0.50/4 PRINT)
$1.39 Healthy Choice Canned Soup (-$1/4 PRINT)

Check out their coupon printables too!

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