Sunday, October 25, 2009

How I Organize our Toiletries

I don't think I'll be CVSing this morning so I thought I might share something about our family, well, about me... I'm a recovering packrat!

Since I have started doing the drugstore "game" a few years ago, I noticed the quick accumulation of toothpaste and shampoo overflowing the only real storage space we have- under the bathroom sink. So last year, I determined to corral all these wonderful bargains in a more presentable manner.

Presenting the Bathroom Sink makeover:
First, I got all the stuff I crammed in there out in the bedroom and started with a fresh clean slate.

Then I took storage boxes, like you find for $1, and catgorized each:
hair care, dental care, shaving needs, pain meds, flu and allergy, lotions, soaps, bodywash, and face cae. I put enough in each to last us 6months to a year in each box. (Click the image to enlarge if you want.)

Then I stacked them back in there, with labels. Why didn't I label these sooner? I put my feminine stuff in the back with the Listerine bottles. We also have a first aid kit, hair dryer, and haircut tools. Later I added a spa bag, sunscreen bin, and candles. I have no idea how all these things can fit in there but they do!

It's now very convenient and accessible. And I know that we have enough for a long, long time. So when I get free items from CVS or Walgreens, I designate those in a giveaway box. Or I upgrade what's under the sink. I now don't feel the need to rush in the store for that free toothpaste! Oh yeah, I have some anxiety issues about bargain shopping too. I'm a mess but at least our toiletries are not!

How about you? Where do you keep your stash?

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