Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fail: Printer Toner Low

Talking about fails makes it easier to take life less seriously, doesn't it?

Low printer ink... those words are the worst for a couponer. Ranks up there with "Reached your print limit." It seemed like I was always having to go out and get more ink. So we bought this really nice (and cheap) HP Laser P1006 and have only replaced the toner once. Then those fateful words came: printer toner low. It's so premature to buy another toner!

I took out the toner and looked at it. Black stuff got all over my fingers, shirt, papers. After I cleaned off everything, I put it back inside. Next time I printed something, it looked great!

Now, when the printed page looks faded, I take it out, give it a little shake. Voila! It's good again. Easy fix has bought me at least 30 more pages of printing.

See how badly I want to get Blue Bell Ice Cream? Using this $1 coupon makes it only $2.88! (Price-Match Food World's ad at Target- if they have Blue Bell, or Wal-Mart for $3.88 then use the coupon for some inexpensive bliss!)


  1. I used to do this at my job. I would shake the toner for the fax machine and printer and they would work for a few more days at least...enough time for a new toner cartridge to be delivered! I always heard toner was expensive? Does it make up for its cost in coupons? I have my super-nice HP photo printer defaulted to black & white fast draft to save on ink.

  2. I think that it has saved me enough money, if not just the trips I would need to make to get new ink. Plus it prints super fast!


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