Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Fail: Dish Soap Dumped in My Bag!

Friday, I was so glad to get my FREE Dawn Renewal dish soap. There was a $1 Q in a booklet I got in the mail. I’ve heard reports that CVS had these on sale for $0.97 so I made sure to pick it up. Because I only bought 3 items, I didn’t ask for a bag. Instead I put everything in my newly assembled and organized coupon bag. I slept soundly knowing that I snagged another great deal. The sweet smell of success, literally, I was smelling a sweet scent in the air.

This morning, I was cleaning up and looking forward to some blogging. So I got my coupon bag. Volia! Mystery solved. The sweet smell was that bottle of dish soap upside down in my bag with the top OFF! Only a smidget of soap was left. Everything dripped into the front of my bag and on the floor. Thank goodness I put it in the front flap and not inside with my coupon inserts and binder.

I took all the stuff out of it, and rinsed it in the tub. Then, I just filled up the tub with the suds from my bag and let the kids enjoy this major FAIL. They had a blast with all the bubbles. It was such a bad idea to put that dish soap in my bag, especially since it has no seal or anything. Good thing it was free! Only my pride was hurt, not my wallet.

Sometimes all we can do is laugh at our mistakes! Share your stories at Friday Fail.

1 comment:

  1. Happens to the best of us!
    Cute pics of your kids playing with the suds....entertainment for kids can be costly, so you still scored a deal!


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