Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To: Read Coupons

Reading and using coupons perhaps will take a few posts to explain without overwhelming the newbie. I, myself, became coupon-educated through Ellie Kay's book Shop Save and Share. Yes, it took reading the w.h.o.l.e book for me to figure out how the heck to use a coupon.

I have shared with you how I:
find coupons
clip coupons
organize coupons

Today, I wanted to just touch on the actual "reading" of the coupon. Even now, I have to make myself look at the other words in the coupon besides the dollar amount off. Some coupons make for easy freebies with trial sizes when there is no size restriction listed on the coupon. This is especially true if that item will not be used that much at your house anyway. Or items that you would rather donate to a local food bank.

Last week, I saw Collin at Hip2Save get 2-ct Nyquil FREE with overage using a $2 off coupon. I didn't realize these coupons had no size restriction! In that same coupon booklet (P&G 2-7-10) was a coupon for FREE Puffs when you buy 2 Ny or Dayquil. My heart quickened at the possibility of free tissue! (Winter has not been kind to our sniffles.) At Publix, the coupons produced no beeps. I used both coupons (mine was $1.50, not $2 off, and for FREE Puffs). Of course it made the Publix employee do a double take. But she didn't say anything. I came away with FREE stuff: 3 Puffs, 6 Day and Nyquil 2ct. The overage from the Vicks also paid for the Fiber One Yogurt. (These were already only $0.25 each using $1 PRINT Qs.)

The same P&G 2-7-10 booklet has a coupon for FREE Herbal Essence Styler when you any shampoo or conditioner (no size restriction). Most drugstores and box stores have an extensive trial size section. They may have Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner in these sizes. You will still be able to get the FREE products - which can be a FULL size styler. Check out a reader's find at A Thrifty Mom. She also used other high-value coupons to get deodorant.

There is more to reading coupons besides this topic. I'll share some more next time!

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