Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday Fail: Accidental Tie-Dye Towels

How do you know when you have done one too many loads of laundry? When you get pink towels from washing them with bright red napkins. Good thing this happened yesterday. At least Valentine's Day makes it look intentional... not really. When I threw them in the wash all together, that still small voice inside me said to rethink my actions. But I thought they're just old dish towels, I don't really care. Guess what, I do care. Apparently, pink is NOT my favorite color. The good part is that I can go ahead and give in and buy some new ones at Wal-Mart. Anybody know of a better deal or better place for dishtowels? I might just bite the bullet and go coupon-less!
Now that I got that off my chest, see all the other goof-ups at Friday Fails. These are bound to remind you that, hey, we're all just real people here. It's not that serious!

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